In team design category, teams are expected to find a solution to a technical problem, in a limited time, and by using limited materials which are provided by organizers. At the end of the competition, teams must have built a device that can make necessary actions to solve the problem. (e.g. build a machine that is used to carry stuff, a ship, an airplane etc.) Teams present their designs before the jury.

     To determine the engineering problem which is the main subject of the competition, and also, which will make the competition more active, inspiring and exciting, to enrich the market founded on the competition place, and to specify the rules in a more detailed way; the topic team which we have in our board and our “Team design main partner” work coordinately before the competition, and provide competitors w the details of the competition as a handbook, in the first day of the competition. They play an active role at the competition place to make sure it is proceeding fairly.

     Competitors, by using the materials they are provided with and by buying from the market founded on the competition place, create a system aimed at solving the problem, in specified time periods for two days. They test these systems at the end of the second day, before the jury which consists of academicians from our school and of the company officials. Teams are evaluated on the bases of being able to find a solution to the problem, keeping the market expenses at a minimum rate, and their level of creativity by jury. The team which manages to gain the highest point wins a prize and also, the right to join the next step of the competition, which is “EBEC Turkey”.