European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC) is the largest engineering competition which is organized by students in Europe for students. The teams consisting of 4 people perform the tasks prepared by BEST in 3 different standings regardless of their class. The most creative and successful team wins the title of “Europe’s Best Engineers” at the end of the competition.

The EBEC project starts with the local EBEC stand in Europe for the first time every year; followed by the national / regional EBEC stand and finally concludes with the ‘EBEC Final’ held in early August.

History of EBEC

The history of EBEC first begins with the interest of the BEST members in the “Canadian Engineering Competition (CEC)”. This idea is then discussed in the general assembly of BEST, and soon afterwards it is started to be tested at universities. These competitions were organized under different names and categories before getting the current EBEC structure. The BEST European Engineering Competition (BEEC) eventually received the EBEC name in 2008 and has taken its final shape. The top four categories of competition; team design, debate, case analysis and negotiation have changed with the experiences of the past years. Now, team design and case analysis are the two official categories of the EBEC pyramid.

EBEC is designed as the “EBEC pyramid” and consists of 3 periods held throughout the year:

  • The local stands are the first step of EBEC which students participate from all universities. All local rounds are held by the Local Best Groups(LBG). With the increasing popularity of EBEC, the number of competitors participating is also increasing each year.
  • National / Regional rounds form the second leg of EBEC. The winners of the local rounds will be entitled to participate in these contests, which is the next level. More than 600 competitors compete to participate in the final round each year at this level.
  • After all these competitions, the competitors compete in the final step of EBEC. Competitors, who are the first in 15 national and regional stands, have the chance to practice all the engineering approaches they have learned in lessons under limited time and facilities in this 9 day event 4 day of which are competition days. 

EBEC takes place with sponsors, partners and various units of BEST. For this reason, many people are involved in EBEC.

The ones who contribute to the event are those:

Best members

With more than 90 local groups, BEST works with all its members to create a quality organization for their participants. From logistics to media relations, every detail of your activity is thought up to the finest detail in order to make the participant experience a perfect competition.

The juror

Objectivity and transparency are among the most important elements of the competition. For this reason, relevant experts, foreign professors and company officials take part in the competition as juries.


Engineering students should not be kept away from industryl and recent technological developments. The presence of companies in this way ensures that the subjects of the competition are created in accordance with the current problems of the world and allows the students to meet with the companies they will work with in the future.

EBEC is a competition organized by students for their students. BEST is a non-profit-oriented and non-political organization, and therefore always needs the support of people who embrace the vision of BEST and appreciate their work. As a counterpart to these supports, BEST announces its supprters to the people through various media channels and honors them with the presence of representatives of the supporters during the opening and closing days.


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