EBEC Ankara is the local round of the EBEC competition organized by BEST Ankara in METU. It measures the ability of students to produce innovative and realistic solutions to a problem with limited time and materials. There are 30 teams -each team has 4 people- which are competing in two categories: team design and case study. The competition has a concept in which 15 teams compete and the winners are determined at the end of 2 days, and these winners have the chance to participate in EBEC Turkey, which is an upper stage. The competition is in English and the competitors are asked to present their projects.

The winner teams in each category compete in EBEC Turkey, the second round of the competition. EBEC Turkey winners compete in EBEC Final, the final round of the competition.


EBEC Ankara hakkında merak ettiğiniz her şeyi sorabilirsiniz. En kısa zamanda size döneceğiz.


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